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The Essex Wedding


Photographing the Essex wedding was such an honor! Stephanie, the bride, and her family have been long-time family friends and it was such a joy working with her and her family on such a wonderful occasion. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Kevin, the groom, and seeing how sweet he is with Stephanie. They were both glowing with smiles all day.  The couple exchanged their vows surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends, even their chocolate lab buddy was present, with his bow tie of course. The weather was perfect for a rooftop wedding at Laguna’s, La Casa Del Camino, it was a gorgeous day surrounded by beautiful people. Lastly, I must mention the beautiful invitations designed by the bride herself, as well as the custom place cards and place card numbers designed by Stephanie’s daughter Raven, who is quite the artist, goodness these women are so talented! Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Essex!

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The Dahlstrom Wedding


I am so excited about this evenings post! Let me take you back to 2011 for a moment to share with you how I met Petter and Pia. I had just finished photographing a family portrait session and as I was packing up my camera bag I saw this gorgeous Cadillac come around the corner with an adorable couple sitting inside. I said to myself, “oh my gosh they are so stinkin’ cute” and I watched them park right in front of the water to enjoy the view. I grabbed my camera and walked over to introduce myself and asked if I could take a quick shot of them since they looked so darn adorable. They said, “of course”, so I gladly took a few shots of them and chatted with them for a bit…

2011, Petter, Pia and their gorgeous Cadillac:

Only a few years later I got a voicemail from Pia saying, “Hi Jennifer, this is that couple you took a picture of in the red cadillac, I hope you remember us, we are getting married…THIS WEEKEND!” As I listened to the voicemail I had a grin from ear to ear, I was so excited to hear they were getting married and that they had called me to photograph it! I was so thrilled that I was available to photograph their wedding on such short notice, it truly was meant to be. Their ceremony was such an intimate setting with only the two of them and their future baby boy Pheonix! Seeing them again and getting to work with them was such a pleasure, I am so happy that I introduced myself to them on the cliff back in 2011. Congratulations Petter and Peter, and thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding. P.S. I cannot wait to meet little Pheonix!


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The Tripp Wedding

Visiting Greenville, South Carolina for the Tripp Wedding was quite a treat! Not only did I get to visit “The South” and get some  R-E-A-L BBQ, but I was able to be a part of Ruth and Brandon’s wedding. It was such a pleasure working with them and their family over the weekend, from the engagement, to the rehearsal dinner, to the wedding it was truly a blast! Thank you Brandon and Ruth, you guys are amazing…

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Happy Five Year Anniversary to Justin + Tiffanie Chance

Five years ago I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple! Since then, I have photographed some monumental occasions in their lives…maternity, newborn, family etc..
Congratulations on these past five years and many more to you both!!!

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