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Our Big News…We Are Moving to Zacatecas, Mexico!

Six months after I married my husband Ismael I visited his families hometown in Mexico for the very first time. There are no words to describe my very first experience there, other than that, I fell in love with Zacatecas. I fell in love with the streets, the people, the language, the food, the music, but most of all, I fell in love with the lifestyle. To live for a time in Mexico has been a dream of mine since returning home from that very first visit. After sharing this desire with my husband, and realizing that it was mutual, we began brainstorming on how we could make this dream a reality. For an entire year, we have researched and planned…did a little more research…and then planned some more…and now we are finally ready to hit the road! We are so excited for this new adventure in our lives and we are looking forward to this experience whether it last six months, a year, or maybe even two! We know that whenever we return to our home in California we will have surely gained from our experience. We are so thankful to our family who have helped us see this process through this past year, we are forever grateful! Not only am I so thankful for our family who have supported us, but I am in awe of how encouraging and supportive my clients have been during this process, all I can say is, you guys are awesome! So, with that being said, it is time for me to say adios, hasta luego California…bienvenidos Mexico!

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Celebrating Four Years of Marriage 12.27.09

Four years ago, to the day, I married by best friend! At the age of twenty-one I gave my heart to a man that continues to re-capture it over and over. Through the highs and lows of the past four years we have managed to become closer than ever before. I am so thankful for my husband and for our future together. We have big plans on the horizon, stay tuned to hear our big news!

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My Bungalow / South Pasadena Photographer

I recently realized that over the past few years I have never once shared anything personal about my life, other than my work of course!┬áSo, I figured that it was time to share one of the most favorite things about my life, my 500 square foot bungalow. Now I know what you are thinking…”500 square feet, how is that possible?” Believe me when I say I could not ask for anything more. Moving here in January was such a blessing and I could not imagine living anywhere else. I am sure that life will take me elsewhere…but for now, this is home.










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