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The Merkelbach Family

It is always a pleasure working with a family and being able to document that families growth. Seeing the joy that radiates from a couple awaiting their unborn child is priceless. The kisses seem to be a bit sweeter and the touch a tad more tender…

11.08.14 Merkelbach Maternity_453
11.08.14 Merkelbach Maternity_33411.08.14 Merkelbach Maternity_22511.08.14 Merkelbach Maternity_286

Weeks later their baby girl arrived and the three of them together is such a beautiful scene.

02.08.15MerkelbachNewborn_160 02.08.15MerkelbachNewborn_178 02.08.15MerkelbachNewborn_05402.08.15MerkelbachNewborn_315 02.08.15MerkelbachNewborn_395

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The Johnson Family


For this evenings post I am gong to be a bit biased, since this adorable little chick is my niece, she is such a ham and knows how to work her “auntie jenn!” It’s always fun photographing your family and I had such a great time photographing little “Livy” with her proud Mommy and Daddy. These two are fabulous parents getting ready to welcome baby number two in December. I KNOW, I KNOW… my sister barely looks pregnant! Our family is so excited to watch theirs grow. Gosh I love you guys, what a blessing you are to my life!


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The Dahlstrom Wedding


I am so excited about this evenings post! Let me take you back to 2011 for a moment to share with you how I met Petter and Pia. I had just finished photographing a family portrait session and as I was packing up my camera bag I saw this gorgeous Cadillac come around the corner with an adorable couple sitting inside. I said to myself, “oh my gosh they are so stinkin’ cute” and I watched them park right in front of the water to enjoy the view. I grabbed my camera and walked over to introduce myself and asked if I could take a quick shot of them since they looked so darn adorable. They said, “of course”, so I gladly took a few shots of them and chatted with them for a bit…

2011, Petter, Pia and their gorgeous Cadillac:

Only a few years later I got a voicemail from Pia saying, “Hi Jennifer, this is that couple you took a picture of in the red cadillac, I hope you remember us, we are getting married…THIS WEEKEND!” As I listened to the voicemail I had a grin from ear to ear, I was so excited to hear they were getting married and that they had called me to photograph it! I was so thrilled that I was available to photograph their wedding on such short notice, it truly was meant to be. Their ceremony was such an intimate setting with only the two of them and their future baby boy Pheonix! Seeing them again and getting to work with them was such a pleasure, I am so happy that I introduced myself to them on the cliff back in 2011. Congratulations Petter and Peter, and thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding. P.S. I cannot wait to meet little Pheonix!


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Luis + Stephanie Maternity


Every single time I get a call for a Maternity session I get so excited! There is nothing more touching than getting to work with a couple that is about to bring a baby into their world. Within the hour spent with Luis and Stephanie I witnessed a unity that is impermeable, a joy that could not be squashed and a tenderness that caused onlookers to grin from ear to ear. These two are less than a month away from meeting their little one, and she is going to be a beauty! Congratulations to you and your growing family!



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Josh + Tabitha Maternity

Josh and Tabitha are such a delightful couple. They have been married for a little over a year and are about to be first-time parents. For their maternity session we decided to meet at the gorgeous Griffith Observatory. It just happened by chance that the day we met was one of July’s gloomiest afternoons. Amidst the fog, I still had such a wonderful time getting to know this couple, I  am so excited for their future as a family. Congratulations Josh and Tabitha!


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